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Proper Sandwiches

East Hampton Sandwich Company opened shop in 2012, after founder Hunter Pond realized his penchant for flavorful, perfectly-prepared sandwiches outweighed his commitment to the law degree he was pursuing. He switched gears and fully dedicated himself to developing the ingredients, condiments and sauces that have come to distinguish this charming neighborhood spot, which prepares everything that goes between the bread from scratch, in-house. Partnering with like-minded, quality-driven bakeries to provide exceptional baked goods, Pond opened the first location in Dallas’s Snider Plaza, earning glowing reviews and a fast-growing base of loyal customers. East Hampton Sandwich Co. now has ten locales, each serving up beautiful sandwiches in its community of discerning diners.

Our Ingredients

East Hampton Sandwich Co. pledges to serve you nothing but the best. That means we obsess over every element that goes into your sandwich, from sourcing premium meats, cheeses and produce to expertly roasting all our proteins in-house—not to mention preparing fresh sauces and dressings to surprise and delight you. When you’re with us, you can trust you won’t find limp cold cuts, flavorless tomatoes or watery mustards anywhere near your meal.

Come to East Hampton for the favorites, like our herb-roasted turkey and grilled beef tenderloin, then let us dazzle you with something unique, like our white truffle hot sauce or sriracha dijonaise. Whether you’re after dinner and a drink, a quick lunch or just a snack, our versatile menu has thoughtful options that make every moment you spend with us truly enjoyable.